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The Virginia Cattlemen's Association (VCA) was organized in 1944 and chartered in 1953 to promote the profit potential of Virginia's cattle industry. The early objectives of VCA were to promote more effective marketing from the farm to the consumer and to present cattlemen's views to the legislature on the state and national levels. These primary objectives provide the basis for most activities of VCA today. The VCA provides many functions to Virginia's cattlemen in its day to day operations including: media relations, producer information, sponsorship of educational seminars for cattlemen on a local and statewide basis, administrative support to Virginia's Beef Check-Off program and coordination of activities with other cattle related organizations in the state.   ...more



It makes sense that a 1,200 pound Angus cow would place quite a lot of pressure on the ground on which it walks. But a new study shows that even these heavy beasts can't do much to compact common soils—if they're grazed responsibly.
It's been awhile (30 years) since I, the god of good taste, answered your many questions regarding what's in style. It's quite natural that you'd seek guidance from such a fashion forward expert as myself.
Maintaining a healthy pasture can be challenging, even in years with average rainfall. Drought affected the southeastern US from July to December of 2016. Drought conditions can impact pasture productivity further into next season.
Most cattle producers have a nutrition program of one type or another. Some are very well structured, perhaps even having been designed working with a nutritionist. Others are less sophisticated and are the results of getting recommendations at the local feed store or coffee shop. Some are very simple and include grazing on pasture, feeding some hay in winter and throwing out some range cubes when you want to call the cows up to gather calves (this is the program I grew up with).
“It was what I would call a life-affirming experience, maybe even a life-altering one,” Peetie Womack said with a solemnity seldom heard. He was addressing the monthly meeting of the Rio Rojo Cattlemen's Association (RRCA), talking about a brief journey to Kansas where recent wildfires had done some of the broadest and worst damage.
The Alabama Beef Cattle Improvement Association (BCIA) recently awarded the 2016 Richard Deese Award to Glynn Debter of Debter Hereford Farm in Horton, at the 2017 Alabama BCIA Annual Meeting held in Jemison on March 11.
Eighty-nine registered buyers from 11 states and Australia participated in the recent Salacoa Valley Customer Appreciation Sale in at Salacoa Valley Farms in Fairmont, Ga.
Other than becoming the first billion dollar lotto winner, my bucket-list is empty. I've already jumped in a pool fully clothed, made soap, worked a potter's wheel and been lost in the smoke at 6,000 feet over Donner Pass in a small airplane.
In more recent history, cattle producers are beginning to focus more on production efficiency. “What is the most economical way I can produce a calf or a pound of gain on the bulls and heifers I sell?” With every production parameter there is an efficiency measurement that comes with it. Cattle producers are in a constant search for ways to save money or improve productivity and profits. Producers who are in the business to be profitable and to maximize profits should review all avenues that can improve efficiency and help the productivity and performance of their herds. Since the largest single input for most herds is nutrition this article will focus on this aspect.
Although still discounted relative to fed cattle, resurgent calf and feeder cattle prices continued to lift hopes through March.
In many county Cattlemen's meetings and trainings held of late, I have strongly encouraged producers to consider taking full advantage of spring rains and growing conditions. Included in that discussion is usually an encouragement to use baleage to harvest and store any excess winter forage production. In this article, we will dive a little deeper into the management and use of baleage.
Most of the forage production in Mississippi targeting livestock is dominated by warm-season perennial grasses (bermudagrass and bahiagrass) and cool-season annual grasses (annual ryegrass and small grains). However, there is a number of clover species that can complement forage production to improve yields, reduce nitrogen inputs, improve forage quality, and extend the grazing season.
Education, fellowship and fun were on the program for the Brahman Field Day held at Langdale Farms in Avast, Georgia January 19-20. Langdale Farms hosted and sponsored the event; additional sponsors included the Wire Grass Cattleman Association and the Florida Brahman Association (FBA).
Bull selection is the foundation for building a profitable beef herd. Approximately 88 percent of the genetic makeup of a herd after 10 years of breeding will have come from the bulls used.
Hooter hated driving anywhere with lots of traffic, which was about anywhere on I-45, from about Sherman to south of Houston; anywhere on I-35 from South of San Antonio to Oklahoma City; anywhere on I-20 from…you get the notion.

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Show your bull(s) - Put a pic up
by waihou (Posted Tue, 25 Apr 2017 04:18:02 GMT+5)
Our NZ Murray Grey herd sire Kiradie Steamroller age 3 and half years

Homebred Kauri 445, by Wallawong Under the Radar (AI) 824kgs +1882 lbs at 19 months. Used over 5 of our biggest cows as a yearling. Entirely pasture fed.

Another Wallawong Under the Radar son Karamu used over our yearling heifers. pictured at 18 months

Some Murray Grey Calves
by waihou (Posted Tue, 25 Apr 2017 03:44:24 GMT+5)
Good to catch up with your new calves BB! Haven't been here for awhile.

Those Balmoral Elation calves look very stylish. I remember when B.Elation was around in the 1980's over in Oz. He was a controversial bull as he was quite a freakish size in those days! We have some of his blood hiding back a few generations in our herd. I look forward to seeing how they grow out.

How are the Wallawong Under the Radar progeny doing?

Weight gain
by Son of Butch (Posted Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:30:17 GMT+5)
To put weight on you need to increase energy (calories) so start by adding 3 lbs per hd of ground corn to existing
ration for 7 - 10 days then double to 6 lbs.

What are they currently eating?
poor hay? average grass hay?
Real Good Hay = Alfalfa = protein 18%
Do you mean real good grass hay? 12%
What options do you have available? What price?

Yellow Jackets & coyotes
by dun (Posted Mon, 24 Apr 2017 23:50:02 GMT+5)
Mat Man wrote:Are they better than CCI stingers?
For accuracy with the chambers in my rifles and Contenders they are.
Only way to know is to shoot them both. Stingers won;t cycle my Weatherby XXII but the yellow jackets do

Breeding cows to calf together
by dun (Posted Mon, 24 Apr 2017 23:45:29 GMT+5)
Depends on the bull, but any yearling worth his salt should be able to handle them fine. Last year our yealring bull settled 7 cows in 3 days. He was a busy little bugger.

So ashamed. I forgot all about Earth Day.
by Dave (Posted Mon, 24 Apr 2017 23:44:46 GMT+5)
Nesikep wrote:The way I see it is that the irresponsibility of some leads to the overregulation of everyone.. Logging, Mining, Farming, Fishing, you name it.. it's the corporate culture of maximizing profits above all else until someone comes along and lays down the law, usually in an overbearing fashion.. If logging companies didn't need to replant what they logged they certainly wouldn't, and unfortunately, if some people weren't told not to drain the engine oil next to a creek, they would.

This is not always correct. I know that here Weyerhauser has very big nurseries growing hundreds of thousands seedling every year for planting their logged over ground decades before there was a law requiring them to plant. It made good business sense.

Interseeding Oats into Thin Stands ?
by skyhightree1 (Posted Mon, 24 Apr 2017 23:07:51 GMT+5)
Don't have any thin stands to test out the theory but I use oats after drop fields for hay. I let cattle now grass to dirt in the fall then plant oats in those stands then put cows on in spring or cut it for hay

Thoughts about this heifer
by MarkH (Posted Mon, 24 Apr 2017 22:52:35 GMT+5)
Given what I have used in the past on similar heifers I would use a calving ease Red Angus on her. here are two Red Angus bulls that are worth looking at:
Proffit Builder: Very good metrics on this bull.
000 Sirloin: Note this bull has sexed semen available important if you want a heifer. Note the prices for these bulls are upfront.
Have you considered becoming adealer for AI companies once you become a vet? You could expand the quality of gentics available to Lativian beef producers and have viable business.

Southerners ain't got nothin' on us!
by greybeard (Posted Mon, 24 Apr 2017 22:33:35 GMT+5)
Somewhere in Appalachia? ... 9853139178

Daily Joke
by ez14. (Posted Mon, 24 Apr 2017 22:27:29 GMT+5)
I know some of you will not understand this message,
but I bet you know someone who might.
I came across this phrase yesterday.

A term I haven't heard in a long time, and thinking about
'fender skirts' started me thinking
about other words that quietly disappear from
our language with hardly a notice like 'curb feelers'

And 'steering knobs.' (AKA)
'suicide knob,' 'neckers knobs.'
Since I'd been thinking of cars,
my mind naturally went that direction first.

Any kids will probably have to find some older person
over 50 to explain some of these terms to you.

Remember 'Continental kits?'
They were rear bumper extenders and spare tire covers
that were supposed to make any car
as cool as a Lincoln Continental.

When did we quit calling them 'emergency brakes?
At some point 'parking brake' became the proper term.
But I miss the hint of drama that went with 'emergency brake.'

I'm sad, too, that almost all the old folks are gone
who would call the accelerator the 'foot feed.'
Many today do not even know what a clutch is
or that the dimmer switch used to be on the floor.
For that matter, the starter was down there too.

Didn't you ever wait at the street for your daddy
to come home, so you could ride the
'running board' up to the house?

Here's a phrase I heard all the time in my youth
but never anymore - 'store-bought.'
Of course, just about everything is store-bought these days.
But once it was bragging material to have a
store-bought dress or a store-bought bag of candy.

'Coast to coast' is a phrase that once held all sorts
of excitement and now means almost nothing.
Now we take the term 'worldwide' for granted.
This floors me.

On a smaller scale, 'wall-to-wall' was once
a magical term in our homes. In the '50s,
everyone covered his or her hardwood floors with,
wow, wall-to-wall carpeting!
Today, everyone replaces their wall-to-wall carpeting
with hardwood floors. Go figure.

When was the last time you heard the quaint phrase
'in a family way?' It's hard to imagine that the word 'pregnant'
was once considered a little too graphic,
a little too clinical for use in polite company,
so we had all that talk about stork visits and
'being in a family way' or simply 'expecting.'

Apparently 'brassiere' is a word no longer in usage.
I said it the other day and my daughter cracked up.
I guess it's just 'bra' now.
'Unmentionables' probably wouldn't be understood at all.

I always loved going to the 'picture show,'
but I considered 'movie' an affectation.

Most of these words go back to the '50s,
but here's a pure '60s word I came across
the other day 'rat fink.' Ooh, what a nasty put-down!

Here's a word I miss - 'percolator.'
That was just a fun word to say.
And what was it replaced with 'Coffee maker.'
How dull... Mr. Coffee, I blame you for this.

I miss those made-up marketing words that were
meant to sound so modern and now sound so retro.
Words like 'Dyna Flow' and 'Electrolux' and 'Frigidaire'.
Introducing the 1963 Admiral TV, now with 'Spectra Vision!'

Food for thought.
Was there a telethon that wiped out lumbago?
Nobody complains of that anymore.
Maybe that's what Castor oil cured,
because I never hear mothers threatening kids
with Castor Oil anymore.

Some words aren't gone, but are definitely
on the endangered list.
The one that grieves me most is 'supper.'
Now everybody says 'dinner.' Save a great word.
Invite someone to supper. Discuss fender skirts.

Someone forwarded this to me.
I thought some of us of a 'certain age'
would remember most of these.I'm actually familiar with quite a few of those terms! I'm thinking that fender skirts would be what we called whiskers? (Because it was like a mustache on a vehicle)

What's a reasonable price to you as the buyer?
by WalnutCrest (Posted Mon, 24 Apr 2017 22:26:33 GMT+5)
bse wrote:If you look it says don't cut alot, not any!! Just because it's an ET don't automatically make it great. I do however give them a little more time.

...not an unreasonable clarification. Thanks for pointing it out.

I'm more inclined to be more patient with heifers than with bulls. And the heifers I'm being patient with ate the ones I'm selling at discounted prices to let someone else coax them along. If they're staying here, I want them to go to work.

Do you pick up hitch hikers?
by boondocks (Posted Mon, 24 Apr 2017 22:00:05 GMT+5)
If I see someone broke down in the boonies I'll call it in. We do pick up fellow backpackers when we are in backpacking areas. And have gotten rides from fellow backpackers. We pick carefully of course.

4 tips for using CIDRs to move up late calvers
by Hogtiming (Posted Mon, 24 Apr 2017 21:55:32 GMT+5)
Stocker Steve wrote:I have used Lute with natural service.
The bulls did not seem to mind.
That's what I do. The extra handling for the cidrs and cost rules them out for me. But I do like the idea.

$W ?
by Stocker Steve (Posted Mon, 24 Apr 2017 21:52:11 GMT+5)
Son of Butch wrote:top 1% $80+
top 5% $70
top 15% 60


What can a commercial cattlemen afford to pay for + $60 W ?

First Time Weaning
by redandblack (Posted Mon, 24 Apr 2017 21:49:18 GMT+5)
Thanks for the replies, I grew up raising registered simmetals, but grandpa and dad sold out in my early teens. Just started my own herd last year. Hopefully at some point will be able to go direct to feedyard, just haven't developed those relationships. Yes sir I'm talking about National in Okc, thanks for the advice it is greatly appreciated.

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